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“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.”
Plato, The Republic, bk. I

The students you are hearing at the 2015 IIYM Summer Music Academy are taking their own first steps to their future lives. Some of them, without a doubt, will be the famous concert artists of the future, and Lawrence audience members will be able to say, with pride, “we heard them here first.”

Providing world-class educational opportunities for the planet’s finest young musicians is not easy. It takes money to hire the world’s finest teachers and judges, and provide a safe learning environment. Some of most talented students are also the most in need, requiring much scholarship help.

Donations to the IIYM are tax-deductible, and help draw the best of the world’s musicians to Lawrence every summer.

Please join us as we build the world’s premier musical event for pre-college musicians.
Donor Categories
Andante up to $99
Allegro $100-199
Vivace $200-$499
Presto $500-$999
Virtuoso $1000-$4999
Impresario $5000-$9999
Maestro $10000 and above

Tax-deductible contributions [or gifts, whichever you prefer] to IIYM can be made through KU Endowment.  Please make check payable to KU Endowment/ IIYM and mail to PO Box 928, Lawrence, KS 66044, or on-line at


Andante (up to $99)
Frank & Betty Baron, William and Beverly BartscherSteven Bogler, Elaine Brewer,
Chris F or Lara A. Burger, John and Diane Childs, Janice and Don Conrad, Helen Darnall, Jo H. Dinkins,
Barbara Fromm, Goodwin and Shirley Garfield, Faith Hamilton-Trent, Maria Harris, Diantha A. Johnson,
Mary B. Johnson, Don J. Kallos, Daniel Keleti, Leslie Ketzel,Gaye Leonard, Arthur C. McCash,
Irene Pasternak, Dr. Artie Shaw, Harold Jim Sylwester

Allegro ($100 - $199)
Linda I. Bailey, Elaine D. Boyer, John and Dianne Childs, Robert and Janice Cobb,
Stanley and Alice Jo DeFries, Leslie and Jennie Dienes, Evelya M. Falen, Miriam Fleming,
Marilyn Harder, Phil and Beth Harrison, Ricardo & Sima De. Herdan, Timothy Hetzler, Robert A Hiller,
Florence F. Hoogesteger, Steve Lanard, Suzanne P Lara, Leawood Fine Art, Burdett & Michel Loomis,
Alan and Sandi Miller, JoAnn Pease, Lewis and Carolyn Phillips, Dan Politoske, Dr. Mark Praeger,
John and Brenda Strickland, John and Marylou Turner, Eleanor Unruh, Karen and Chuck Warner,
Virginia Vogel Wallace, Ruth R. Weir

Presto ($500 - $999)
Edith Black, Mary S. Boyden, J. William and Barbara Carswell, Terri and Keith Chauvin,
Roy and Florine Creek, Stephen H. and Jean Alice Dill, Charles Dorfman,
Chez Elle (Coffeehouse & Creperie), Endicott Society, Hilda and Jacob Enoch,
Hoit Campbell and Valerie J. Freed, Bill and Nancy Hambleton,Laurie J. Hamilton Fund,
J. Hood Booksellers, Marina and Biff Johnson, Julia L. Kelly, Arno F. Knapper,
Robert and Anita Markley, Suzanne McColl, Dr. Richard and Barbara Meidinger, Beverly Billings Smith,
Jung & Steven Spooner, Patricia and Kent Thompson, Anne Yetman

Vivace ($200 - $499)
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Andrews, Ruth L. and Gregory T. Anderson, Kent and Alison Atkins, Marianna Beach,
Barbara and Ken Bishop, Dee and Chuck Blaser, Maurice and Betsy Joy,
John Poertner and Edith Black, Alan and Diane Sanders

Virtuoso ($1000 - $4999)
Sam G. and Jean Adler, Joyce Castle, Hurst Coffman, Oliver and Rebecca Finney, David W. Frayer,
Mike and Kitty Johnson, Mary Webb Harris, Marjorie Lichtor Charitable Fund

Virtuoso ($1000 - $4999)

Virtuoso ($1000 - $4999)
Jack and Jan Gaumnitz, Dan Harris, Dave and Gunda Hiebert, Barbara Nordling

Marga Harris Fund
Sam G. and Jean Adler, Ruth L. and Gregory T. Anderson, Barbara and Ken Bishop, Jo H. Dinkins
Oliver and Rebecca Finney, Miriam Fleming, Hoit Campbell and Valerie J. Freed, Dan Harris,
Mary Webb Harris, Dave and Gunda Hiebert, Julia L. Kelly, A.J. Loscalzo, Barbara Nordling,
Irene Pasternak, John ans Brenda Strickland, John & Marylou Turner

Marga Harris Fund
Julie A. Andrews, Chuck and Dee Blaser, Oliver & Rebecca Finney, Daniel Harris,
Dave and Gunda Hiebert, Barbara Nordling

Contributions received since August, 2011

Donor Categories

Andante up to $99
Allegro $100-$199
Vivace $200-$499
Presto $500-$999
Virtuoso $1000-$4999
Impresario $5000-$9999
Maestro $10000 and above

Make checks payable to Reach Out of Kansas (IIYM):

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