Download Instructions

All performances at the 2010 International Institute for Young Musicians are available for download as .m4a audio files on this site.

Download a zip file containing tracks by clicking on the name of the zip file.  The zip file will download to a location you specify on your computer.  To view the performers for a given concert, click the link below the zip file to view the concert program.  If you are not using Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you may download WinZip here:  Macintosh automatically unzips all zip files.

Recording Info

All recordings are 256 kbps m4a

Produced by Isaac and Richard Holbrook

If there are any problems or errors, please e-mail

Apple MacBook
Tascam US-122
Apple Logic Express 8
Audio-Technica AT-4040 Microphones
Mogami Gold XLR Mic Cables